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Construction claims

No matter how carefully a construction project is planned, unforeseen setbacks can arise resulting in the need to make or defend a construction claim. Whether relating to loss and expense, defects, overpayments, or any other undesirable issues, Davies and Davies can advise on how best to handle your claim with ease and speed, tailored to your individual circumstances, avoiding the need to enter more formal proceedings.

The service we offer

Davies and Davies understand that the smallest mishandling of a construction claim can mean the difference between a successful outcome, and disappointing and damaging consequences. We have extensive experience in preparing and analysing construction claims. We can help to identify liability and quantify damages, and resolve the claim quickly and efficiently. Our technical expertise in the construction industry enables us to advise on the most appropriate resolution when claims arise.

Services offered

  • Extensive experience in construction claims
  • An informed assessment of your claim
  • Investigation into the basis of a claim
  • Identification, analysis, quantification and preparation of claims
  • Client representation in meetings and negotiations with a conflicting party
  • Advice on the most effective course of action, whether a client is raising or defending a claim
  • Advice on alternative dispute resolution procedures if deemed necessary

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